You can’t have a life without the messy bits. If you want to experience the highs, experience has taught me there will be some lows to deal with too, and I have had plenty of both!

Like many people, there have been times when I have made decisions based on the needs of other people and not my own. Life has sometimes thrown me a few too many curve balls. I have had phases when I became very unhappy and anxious when life didn’t feel fair or that it was turning out how I had imagined. If you are in that place, I hear you.
As a family we have faced huge challenges personally, professionally and physically that have sometimes tested us to the limits. I accept that although we didn’t get everything right, we have learnt so much through the journey we have been on together and our lives are so much richer for navigating the choppy waters alongside the calm seas.
Through my own coaching and self-development, I have gradually discovered and prioritised what is important to me. I’ve learnt that it takes energy to develop more positive habits, but this has underpinned my confidence and supported me to find the courage to live a life I love. By letting go of some of the scars from my past and being a little kinder to myself, I have realised I now show up as a better wife, mother, friend and colleague to the people that are important to me. This learning now underpins the philosophy of how I work with my clients.

I believe that all of us can turn a page and start a new chapter.

If you feel this resonates, it will make me a better coach for you. Often the best support and guidance comes from someone who has been where you are.

Not all coaching certifications are equal. I trained and qualified in Transformational Coaching with Animas Centre for Coaching, the leading Coaching school in London. I’m also accredited by the International Coach Federation (ICF) at the ACC level, proving that I have undergone in-depth education and training. As an ICF accredited coach I must meet stringent audited requirements and demonstrate a strong commitment to ethics and excellence in coaching.

Before Life Coaching, I worked alongside many different types of people in many different environments. With solid foundations in the disciplines of the corporate world, I moved on to work as a director in an entrepreneurial clothing business. I then worked in and around elite sport in schools marketing and consultancy roles whilst supporting my children through school and university and into their developing careers.

I am also an experienced mentor and have worked with adults and disadvantaged teenagers in this capacity. I believe in the power of role models. In addition, I hold a Certificate in Counselling Studies from Leicester University, which demonstrated how much I prefer the forward-focussed momentum of the coaching world.

How I work

I will help you find your way forward. Through face to face or on-line coaching, I provide an open, collaborative and confidential space to focus on your thoughts, challenges, and goals.

I offer an opportunity for you to see and create future facing life choices.

You can expect a huge dose of positivity from me, but you will also need to be prepared to find your own motivation to change certain aspects of the way you think or behave. I will encourage you to take responsibility for your own happiness. There will be no judgement.

During the coaching  journey we may explore new possibilities and consider if any ingrained patterns of thinking are limiting you or dampening your view of the world. We might open up different solutions to any current problems. We may discuss what you need to get a healthier balance between your work, your home life and your relationships with others.

The coaching  journey is unique and tailored to your individual life experiences. Working together we can create space for massive positive change, and we’ll discover that sometimes the subtlest shifts can make the biggest differences.

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None of us can control life but we can control how we respond to it.