Client Testimonials


I have just finished 10 sessions of coaching with Steph and I feel completely different, in fact I would say it was life changing.

My self-care has improved, and I feel calm and steady and stronger. When I started the coaching journey I now recognise I was stuck in a negative loop, completely over-anxious and very over-whelmed and this was impacting how I was performing at work and how I related to other members of my family.
Steph helped me develop some strategies to manage my anxiety which I use every day. Having the ability to change what I think about and how I feel has been so empowering.
Steph has also been very kind and supportive as I managed to work my way through some unresolved issues from my childhood. I have a better understanding with how these issues have impacted me as an adult and this has helped me to move on.


Healthcare professional and mother


I have been working with Steph for the last few months and we have had some really interesting conversations around how I have been dealing with the highs and lows of my son’s sporting success.

Cricket is a sport where performance is heavily scrutinised, and Steph has helped me work out ways of better communicating with my son that did not add to the pressure he was already under. I think I now have a better understanding of what he needs from me, and I actually now enjoy watching him play much more than I did before.

Through Coaching I have had to learn to manage my own expectations of what my son can achieve, as being a professional cricketer was originally my dream this has been challenging for me. At the end of the day Steph has helped me realise this is his journey and not mine; but that we can both relish his success and learn from times when things don’t go well.

Steph has also helped me set some new personal goals for this year and to be more honest with myself and other people about which parts of my life make me really happy. I find our sessions really motivating and they have given me the confidence to make some big changes.

Clear, concise, with an ability to home in on the stuff that really matters are the things about Steph that I really appreciate and are different to other professional coaches I have worked with.


Property Developer and father to a County Cricketer



Steph offers calm, secure and reassuring coaching.

As our sessions have continued the heavy weight of stress and anxiety has been lifting and my ability to focus on what is important has made me much more efficient in both my work and home life.

Working from home means there are no boundaries between work and home life, Steph has supported me to understand what was happening and put a plan in place to change things.

Steph has helped me work on my time management which has made me less stressed with myself and my other work commitments. I had greatly underestimated the value of being organised and did not know where or how to start getting order back into my life.

Over the time we have worked together I have recognised that I need to carve out time to relax and do things for me if I want to work efficiently, and I have learnt ways of doing this without feeling guilty about it.

Steph has given me space and time to reflect on how I looked at things in the past and how I can change the way I think about things in the future. I had a very low opinion of my business skills and abilities when I came to coaching and always felt I was being judged by everyone. Steph has helped me develop much more self- belief in what I am capable of. She also helped me see that some of the tough times I have been through have made me stronger and more capable of coping with life’s challenges today.


Dairy Farmer and mum to 2 sons.



Having a first child (and probably any child) is both awe inspiring and terrifying.

Steph really helped me set me up mentally and practically for our fast-approaching birth! Calm yet challenging she was lots of fun to work with. Expect positivity 🙂


Entrepreneur and new father



The sessions helped me identify the issues that came up around my imposter syndrome

Over the 6 months we worked together I got some clarity and direction about how this was impacting my relationships with colleagues and my self-confidence. Since then I have expanded my thinking and I have consciously used the strategies we discussed in my day to day life at work. I am also more self-aware around the issue of separating my work and my home life. I found some sessions quite challenging, but I have benefitted from developing a more positive mindset and I am definitely less fearful of new challenges. Steph was easy to talk to and I valued being able express things to Steph that I normally would not express.


Lawyer and father of 3



Steph coached me over several months and I found her help and support invaluable.

Although we talked about some quite serious issues we laughed a lot too. The experience was positive and thought provoking and has certainly made me more self-aware of what I really need in my life and why I was so anxious about certain aspects of it. I now don’t feel guilty about spending more time on my self-care and I have developed a much healthier morning routine.  The work we did around identifying that I was not allowing myself to be really happy as I was pinning my hopes on future events has helped me enormously. I am continuing to develop a mindset to appreciate that I can enjoy life and be happy now. I am grateful for small things every day and this has made my life much more fulfilling. I found Steph’s coaching style calm and methodical, providing guidance when necessary. She recommended some great books and podcasts which I have really enjoyed. I would happily recommend Steph to anyone considering approaching her.


Retired Marketing Executive and Mother



Steph’s coaching has helped me be brave enough to make some big changes in my career and personal life.

Steph is very intuitive and always seems to know what I need in each session. She has a lot of business experience which has been really helpful and when required she has challenged my views and opinions about people and events.

We seem to have discussed a wide range of issues including my career change, how to manage difficult relationships at work, my work life balance and my relationships with family members.

What I particularly like about the way Steph works is the sessions are not limited to a specific plan or goal. When life or work throws you a curve ball, she helps you process and consider your options.  She helps you assess the bigger picture.

The sessions as a whole have helped me to expand my thinking and raise my self-awareness.  I feel better prepared to deal with anything that comes my way.


Research and Development Engineer and Step mum.