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You want the best for your children, but often you feel exhausted or pulled in conflicting directions and question whether you are parenting effectively.

It’s easy to get anxious and become over-invested in your children’s lives and their current or future successes or failures. The goalposts are always moving which challenges your parenting skills. You may have lost sight of what used to make you happy.

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I offer coaching to help you work out what ‘winning’ as a family means; Developing strategies to offer everyone the best chance to flourish, make good decisions and fulfil their potential. Stop fixating about your children’s exam results, team selections or other awards and accolades and appreciate the bigger picture.

Create the best environment for your children to achieve success, without compromising their ability to develop into happy, healthy and confident young adults.

Keep perspective, cut yourself some slack, learn from any mistakes and feel the joy in each stage of the parenting journey.
  • Develop confidence in your parenting skills
  • Discover how improving organisation, communication, time management, and cutting down on procrastination can ease the stresses on family life
  • Become a positive role model for your children. Show them that consistency and effort are equally important measures of success
  • Encourage curiosity, fun and fascination with the world
  • Be confident and calm dealing with challenging behaviour and know when to create and hold your boundaries
  • Build a relationship that is a source of strength for your child and not a source of stress
  • Become aware of how to separate your feelings from your child’s feelings and why this is so important
  • Work out what level of parental involvement feels right and stay consistent in your approach
  • Encourage your children to build resilience and develop character for the long term by resisting the temptation to dive in and take control at the first sign of trouble
  • Balance the urgency for your children to achieve with patience so they have time to grow and develop along their journey
  • Understand the triggers from your past that impact how you react to your family in the present
  • Find ways of staying connected with your children by keeping communication channels open as they develop into young adults
  • Have the confidence to use intuition as well as intellect when you make decisions about your children

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