Winning Ways to Recover from Injury or Illness

When you are physically struggling through injury or illness it’s hard to stay positive, especially if you are in pain.

Your usual routine may be disrupted, and you may have been forced to give up on some short- term goals and plans. Sometimes it feels that life is not fair and you could be feeling frustrated, angry, despondent or down.

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Recognise the mind and body are not separate; what affects one affects the other. A stable mind can help you deal with physical pain and a strong body can help you build a strong mind.
  • Take control of life alongside your treatment or rehab
  • Discover renewed energy, ideas and insights that will help your body heal
  • Allow yourself the time and space to process the intensity of feelings created by the enforced break from your usual routine
  • Develop realistic expectations about your day to day challenges
  • Stop catastrophising and start recognising that you can develop resilience
  • Focus on controlling the controllables
  • Reprioritise people or future events in your life
  • Reflect on how your injury or illness could reset your perspective on your life
  • Learn new skills or techniques or refine existing ones


Develop the mindset to ensure that you can deal with the adversity of injury, come back stronger and perform better.

  • Use the break from your physical routine as an opportunity to a focus on self-development
  • Create a plan to manage the anxiety and frustration around missed events and selection opportunities
  • Find ways to build more connections with people inside and outside of sport
  • Reflect on how your injury could reset your perspective and open up new opportunities

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