Winning Ways to Recover from Surgery or Illness

When you are facing or recovering from surgery, or coping with illness, it’s sometimes hard to stay positive, especially if you are in pain.

You might be scared about what the future holds, and even if your surgery is elective, you may be fearful of the patient journey. Your usual routine may be disrupted, and you may have been forced to give up on some short- term goals and plans. You could be feeling frustrated, angry, despondent, or down.

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Recognise the mind and body are not separate; what affects one affects the other. A stable mind can help you deal with physical pain and a strong body can help you build a strong mind. Much of the stability you need can be achieved through good lifestyle management.
  • Develop a unique personalised plan to get physically and mentally fit to ease the surgical journey or promote recovery from illness.
  • Become more self-aware and better educated about the benefits of good sleep, nutrition, hydration, weight management and stress management.
  • Consider strategies to reduce alcohol consumption, or processed foods.
  • Understand and process any anxieties so you can approach surgery or new medication with confidence and without fear.
  • Use the break from your usual physical routine as an opportunity to focus on self-development.
  • Discover ideas and insights that will help your body heal, for example how to focus on eating anti-inflammatory foods post-surgery.
  • Develop realistic expectations about your day-to-day challenges.
  • Focus on controlling the controllables.
  • Allow sufficient time and energy to consider all the issues that are being impacted by your surgery or illness to ensure you adapt in the best way possible.

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