We are often so busy rushing around we forget to tune in to who we are and what we need. If we ignore our true self and our innate desires, we can never be really happy.

This is when we often give in to the external voices that tell us we should be thinner, smarter, more successful, more sociable or whatever! It leaves us with that uncomfortable feeling that we are just ‘not good enough’. It can show up in ways that make us feel anxious, frustrated, overwhelmed, lacking in confidence or over sensitive to comments from others.

We're all human, life throws us a lot of curve balls. Sometimes it’s hard to recognise the difference between the things we really need to invest time and energy in, and the irrational thoughts keeping us awake at night.

I offer coaching to help you reconnect with what really matters. If you have clarity on this, you will get more of what you want and develop a happy healthier life on your terms. I will support you to build a vision of your future and bring it to life in terms of practical everyday behaviours and actions.

  • Discover how to prioritise your time and energy and develop healthy boundaries 
  • Learn how to slow down and make space to reflect and tune in to your mind and body
  • Embrace a growth mindset 
  • Work out who you are really trying to impress and why
  • Recognise the triggers you lean on when you are stressed (E.g., alcohol, food, bad relationships, social media)
  • Teach yourself some practical coping strategies to manage your anxiety
  • Understand that you have to be kind to yourself before you can show up for others in the best way 
  • Free yourself from the cycle of overthinking, judgement and blame
  • Choose what’s worth fighting for and what to let slide 
  • Stand up for yourself respectfully, peacefully and with confidence 
  • Be courageous to face the parts of your life that make you feel uncomfortable or anxious
  • Understand hard times awaken your wisdom
  • Accept and acknowledge the events from your past, that have created the filters through which you look at life.
  • Unattach yourself from the ingrained issues that have dampened your view of the world in the present

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